• “When we see and detect and when we have some feeling that there are some stones there within our inner being, what do we do? In principle we just be under the divine dispensing. There is an opportunity to deal with those things but it must be in the context of the divine dispensing. Otherwise we get into a spiritual disease and we become so introspective that not only the stones, but pebbles in our being we become so concerned about. The Training helps us to enjoy Christ. When the water comes to the heart, the things of the heart will come out and we can deal with them in a proper way. Don’t be a person who always looks for the things under the surface. What becomes the situation unconsciously is dealing with these things and not enjoying Christ.”
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    “Thou art enough however long the day, /

    Thou art enough however long the night.”

    -Sometimes we may think that the Lord, being our faithful Shepherd, should fix a certain situation for us, or bring us out of a certain circumstance, and yet He doesn’t. Perhaps this is because He wants us to know that He is enough for us, even for going through that situation and for remaining in that circumstance. If He fixed the situation, we would only have one positive and somewhat shallow experience of Him, but if He continually supplied us with Himself while we endure through that situation, we would learn how to continually come to Him and fellowship with Him, and perhaps even to abide in Him.

    If we are quick to complain when He doesn’t fix our problems, then there could never be much depth in our dependence on Him.

    Thank You Lord for everything!

    Taken from Hymnal Net

    We need to be tried because we are filled with mixture. We are full of mixture that we do not know ourlseves. We have no idea how much mixture there is in our motive, intention, aim, will, and inclination and in what we desire to achieve and gain. Our mixture needa trials in order to be exposed so that we may be purified. To be tried is to be purified.

    There will come a point in our life where God leads us to walk an untrodden way. He puts us in adverse circumstances causing us to cry to Him, many times with no way to comfort ourselves. Then ends up with having a hundreds and thousands of conversations with Him. Resulting in a journey that becomes a memorial between us and Him.

    Truly, the Lord knows the right experiences we need for us to grow in ife. It is He who operates by arranging all the things related to us in every aspect of our life. His only goal is to dispense Himself as life and life supply to us. Our cooperation is to humble ourselves before Him, accepting and trusting His ways. However, so many times the right experiences become tbe wrong ones to us because of our attitude. Because of that, our heart is not proper and is not in coordination with the Lord’s working. For this we need to repent again and again.

    May the Lord grant us a humble, meek, quite, and contrite spirit in all of His arrangements for us.

    Before I Met My Husband

    IMG_0892Before I met him, I was like you-anxious, struggling and impatient. Moreover, I was like you who is full of concepts about marriage. However, the Lord dealt with my heart. He changed my heart.

    It took me time. It took me lots of tears. I was blinded by myself so the Lord had to do something. I thanked Him for that and I still do up to this day. It was worth it. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary. And it was out of love for Him and from Him. Otherwise, I would have chosen my own way. I would have followed my own concepts. His love is powerful. Let it subdue you. Let it cause you to surrender to Him. Let it make you helpless.

    Don’t worry, it takes time. Give patience to yourself. Wait on Him. Believe in Him. Enjoy Him. Love Him. And let Him take care of you.

    Believe me, He is responsible. He cares for you. Everything about you. About your situation. About your need. Even about the right one for you.

    He already prepared him. Yet you have to learn. Learn to wait. Let to stop.

    And now, I have no regrets. I’m everyday thankful. His way is the best. His timing is perfect. His choice is wonderful.

    I feel His love. Through him whom He has given. I’m not deserving. Yet I’ve been chosen. Long before. Long before everything.

    My advise to you is just to love Him. Serve Him while you can. Pray to Him. Tell Him your secrets and thoughts. Yet let Him speak in return. Not easy to learn this. But you have to. Ask for His mercy. Ask for His grace. Ask for His supply.

    If you faithfully allow Him, you will have no regrets. It may take time. But it’s for sure. Sooner. Later. No one knows. It depends how soon you allow Him.

    How I Met My Husband

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    (From one of our immigration documents, prepared by Jason:)

    The following is, in brief, the story of how I met my fiancé, Mercy Grace Cabural. May it serve as evidence of the genuineness of what has become the deepest and sweetest relationship in my life and hers.

    I have always intended to follow the example of my forebears, to find that special person who would match me and love me, to find my love for that person, and to marry her, to establish a union that would not only continue for the rest of our lives, but also grow, strengthen, and become something truly wonderful, both to us and to all whom we would contact, and even to those who would hear of us thereafter evermore. In my heart, I have always believed that a fitting context for such a relationship could only be found within the plan, work, and love of the God of the universe, who promises that all things work together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose. His love is, to my observation, a greater, deeper, richer, and higher love than any which humanity can attain apart from Him, and through His word and my life experience, I have come to know that all that is human is finite, mortal, and bound to a definite end sooner or later. So I have always prayed to this God that He would lead me and guide me to find another person who also knew and had tasted this love of His, so that it could be the vital strengthening and establishing factor in my marriage, such as neither I nor any other mere human possesses on our own.

    I watched and searched for many years for this person, and I saw many who possessed desirable virtues, from beauty to diligence to temperance to wisdom to kindness and all manner of loveliness, and I took interest in various young women at different times, but over time I began to realize that neither these virtues nor even the possession of a love of God such as I perceived my own to be was enough; I began to realize that my love for Him must override all of these things, for if I would merely use His love for my own purpose—for the attainment of a wonderful marriage and a good life—then I would in so doing demonstrate that I did not truly love Him but myself. I realized that my marriage must also be for Him; it must serve His purpose and even align with His interests in every way; it must be totally under His leading and ruling within the deepest part of my heart. So I prayed that God would guide me to the right person—not to the person of my preference, but to the one whom He had ordained for me, whomever that would be, so that I could serve Him by her side according to His desire.

    The result of this prayer has been nothing short of miraculous! I did not meet this person in a way that I ever would have expected or foreseen, but every aspect of my desire has been not only met but greatly exceeded in her.

    For years, I resisted becoming involved in online social networking, refusing on the grounds that it was a distraction from school and work to those who did not believe in God as I did, or to those who did believe, that it was a means for the corrupt world to distract us from the love and purpose of our God, who desires to have the first place in our hearts. But as time passed, so many of those I knew, even in the realm of the church, began to use it simply as a normal means of maintaining contact and communication that it seemed to become more a necessity in the maintenance of fellowship with them, and so on February 28, 2016, I finally created a Facebook account and quickly located a number of my real-life friends, particularly fellow believers. The advice I first received matched my feelings on the matter at the time, and I was a little wary of going overboard by spending too much time on it or meeting new people. If I did not recognize a name, I would check their friend lists carefully to find out if they were associated with the right people. Few passed this test, but one person memorably did, one Mercy Grace Cabural.

    I saw her name on a friend request very early on. I did not recognize her picture, but her name seemed like that of a child of very genuine believers, and her friend list included several believers I knew well. Perhaps I had met her long ago and just couldn’t remember her, I thought. How embarrassing! So I accepted and went on. I would have forgotten about it too, had she not continually posted pictures and videos of Christians from across the world, remarkable for their earnestness—and for the fact that I recognized not a single one. I was puzzled, but I took no action.

    Just after midnight on the morning of April 10, 2016, she sent a message to me without prompting: “Amen, brother Jason!” (She sent a message because she thought I was a new believer in the church and was under the care and shepherding of my aunt, Debbie Villareal). I had made only one post since the one shown above, and it was about my work. What did she mean? I was sure it was well-intentioned, but I did not know who she was, or what she was referring to, so I ignored it in order to escape an awkward situation.

    Two more months went by. I saw more of her pictures and became more confused and mystified as to how I could have become connected to her, but I realized due to the nature of her posts that she loved the same Lord and in much the same way as I did.

    Then came the sudden, mysterious, and completely unexpected spark that ignited a relationship which today I can only conclude was always meant to be. As strange as it might seem, it was a smiley-face. It came late at night, at 11:13 pm, on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at a time when I should have already been asleep. I saw the previous message, recalled the nature of her posts, and replied. I said, “Amen!” and then went on, “I have seen a lot of your posts, but I recognize very few people. Where are you these days?” I still assumed she was a person I had met long ago and forgotten about. At any rate, she told me that she was “joyfully serving the Lord in Iligan City, Philippines.” I maintained my assumption and reasoned that she must have gone abroad to help the believers in that faraway country after finishing college to work full-time for the spreading of God’s testimony on the earth, so I said, “Praise the Lord! He is establishing His kingdom!” This launched a conversation about God’s purpose and the spreading of His kingdom on the earth, which continued until I admitted that I did not remember where and when I had met her, at which point she told me that we had never indeed met, but by then we were deep enough into the conversation that I had to continue, if only not to be rude, and yet also because I was now intrigued. Our conversation was cut short by the time and my need to go to work in the morning, but both of us expressed an interest in continuing it the next day.

    On the next evening, we indeed continued our conversation. I had not been able to forget it for all of the previous day, and it was the first thing I attended to when I got home. When we spoke again, she had surprising news: my childhood friend Timothy Codia’s father, Andrew Codia, was in Iligan City where she lived, visiting the church there! She had heard that he was from Texas and asked if he knew me; the truth of the matter was that he had once lived only a few blocks away, and my father, my sister, and I had frequently gone to visit by bicycle—his house was within walking distance! In all of that time, I had never so much as considered where he could be from, but now he was right there with her? The coincidence was truly amazing!

    But even more amazing was the fact that she had known my aunt Debbie for years via chat online. This was how she had met me, in fact. My aunt took care of college students in the church in College Station and had met Mercy online through Facebook and helped her through a very difficult personal struggle when she was in college. When Mercy saw me on my aunt’s friend list with few friends of my own, she had assumed I was another such young college student my aunt was caring for; after all, we do not share a name. We spoke for a time of our family backgrounds and upbringing, which was also so remarkably similar that coincidence no longer seemed possible. But the most precious aspect of it all was that we seemed to have both emerged from it with such a similar outlook on everything, which was continually confirmed at every turn. It was at this point in particular that I began to notice what I can only describe as a mysterious but unmistakable echo between her words and mine, between her story and mine, and even between her heart and mine.

    Now Mercy told me about the struggle that my aunt had helped her through. When she was finished telling me her story, I told her that it was only fair that I should tell her my story, and so I told her of a struggle I had when I was in college, one that I had never told anyone in full. Her story and mine matched one another so well that when I was done, she could not help but say, “Why? Why do we have the same story? What are we for one another?”

    With that, we spontaneously began to pray—right there over Facebook chat. We prayed that our sovereign Lord, the Head of the Body, would make all things clear and lead us according to His desire. As we prayed, the peace within us grew, and though we had neither seen one another nor heard one another’s voices, we knew. Not only were we attractive to one another; not only did we have the same love for our God, but He, the unique Ruler of the universe, the One who was Lord in both of our hearts, had prepared us for one another from before we were even born, and now He was leading us in this way. The way in which it had happened was far from anything either of us had expected, but we knew that it was His will, and that as it was so, He would see it through. Earlier in the evening, in the context of our struggles, I had quoted a Christian writer who had served the Lord in China during the early-to-mid-20th Century named Watchman Nee, and now his words came back to us again:

    “If God leads you to walk a way that you know, it will not benefit you as much as if He would lead you to take the way that you do not know. This forces you to have hundreds and thousands of conversations with Him, resulting in a journey that is an everlasting memorial between you and Him.”

    Since that evening, many things have happened, yet through it all, we have never felt an ounce of regret, not even for a moment; on the contrary, our love and appreciation for one another truly grows day by day without fail. Every new experience has deepened our appreciation for one another, strengthened our love, and drawn us closer together, to the point that we have begun to feel that we are ceasing to be two separate people and are becoming one. Those who have been close to each of us, upon being introduced to the other, frequently observe that we are so alike, it is as though we are different manifestations of the same person! I believe that in a very significant way, they are right. At long last, we have each met the one who matches us, the one whom our beloved Lord has prepared for us, so that we, as one, may serve Him, our great Beloved, unto the accomplishment of His purpose.

    “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    –Matthew 6:33

    This is our testimony. Thank You, Lord!