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Yes, He is the Eternal One!

These days, there are so many things that we can talk about. But there is one thing that if you were to ask me about, I’d always love to talk forever. This is not a thing, rather, a person – CHRIST.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has put eternity in their heart.” If you really think about it for a second, your jaw might drop. Eternity in our hearts? How can you fill something that is made up of eternity? Is it really possible? Or is it just illogical to consider?

You might have realized  in your own life, that one day something or someone can be the biggest joy and love of your heart. But the next day your love is a little less and then you look for something else to make you feel that joy. Believe me, we have the same experience. These are things and people I care for and I love, who are giving me happiness and comfort, who I want to spend all my life with. And all these experiences are the ones that makes my heart confused most of the times. But! There is One I know who is able to fill that eternity within my heart. God created us with eternity because He is the only one who could ever fill it, for He is the eternal God.

It is so wonderful to know that God did not make our hearts with the purpose to fill it with temporary things in this world but made it so we could have the eternal One – Himself in us. Yes, He is the real satisfaction of my heart!


2 thoughts on “Yes, He is the Eternal One!

  1. Man was created to contain the eternal One, however, many people failed to realize this. That’s why, it is our commission to preach this eternal One to them that their hearts might be satisfied by Christ.

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