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Abiding Through Praying and Thanksgiving



The best way to keep the spiritual electricity from being turned off is to install a safety box and lock the switch in. How do you lock it in? The way is to “unceasingly pray and in everything give thanks.” This is not doctrinal but experiential. In doctrine, no one can connect “unceasingly pray and in everything give thanks” with “abiding in the Lord.” There is one book in the New Testament that specifically covers the matter of abiding in the Lord, and that is the first Epistle of John. Yet in such a book there is no mention at all of unceasingly praying and in everything giving thanks. Knowledge is one thing, while experience is another.

Often those with a Ph.D. are inferior to those who are experienced. Therefore, I am not telling you about knowledge or doctrine; I am speaking about experience. The secret, the key, to remaining in the enjoyment of the Lord is prayer and thanksgiving.

“We all can understand what it means to pray and to give thanks. When we pray, we are shining within, but if we also give thanks, we will become enlivened within.”
Prayer may be likened to connecting the wires, and thanksgiving, to shining the light. Sometimes our “wires” have been connected, yet it seems that we do not sense any reaction. The light does not shine if there is only prayer but no thanksgiving.
“Therefore, if we want to have a life that is always shining without flickering, we need to pray unceasingly and give thanks in everything.”
According to our experience, if we pray and also give thanks, even if before we were not abiding in the Lord, we will spontaneously enter into the Lord and abide in Him. If we want to get in and not come out but remain inside all the time, we need to pray unceasingly and give thanks in everything.
A vile sinner needs only to believe and repent, praying to the Lord, “Lord Jesus, I am truly a vile sinner. I pray that You save me.” Immediately the “connection” is made, and Christ enters into him. This sinner, however, still has to say, “Lord Jesus, I really thank You.” Then the light in him will shine, and he will abide in the Lord. Hence, whether we are believers or sinners, we all need to abide in the Lord through prayer and thanksgiving.By: Witness Lee

8 thoughts on “Abiding Through Praying and Thanksgiving

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  2. O Lord, we love to be one with You who is the Praying and Thanksgiving One in our spirit on the ascending and descending path of our spiritual life!!!

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  5. Hi Mercy Grace,
    Very nice post. I am in constant contact with God through the Holy Spirit ~ because without this I would break into a million pieces. I’m a mess of a human being ~ but I’m grateful for this because if I wasn’t so messed up, I wouldn’t be needing this constant connection. I feel sooo blessed today. Thank you for a great reminder to be thankful. For some reason, I’ve been given this great, great gift.
    Love to you my friend,
    robin claire

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