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Churching is the Way!!

Actually, I am not supposed to write this because I know that it was quite a long time since the churching, but still, I want to share it to other saints. Please bear with me if my sentence construction is poor. sorry for that!. 😦

Last summer, we were so blessed by the Lord that the young people saints (the collegians) in our locality were given the privilege to visit the saints in the northern part region  of Philippines (National Capital Region or NCR, Laguna, Cavite). It was so full of enjoyment and full of the Lord’s speaking. Up to these days, whenever I tried myself to reminisce to those days, my heart is always filled with joy.  Although we have once visited the churches in Taiwan when I was in first year college (and it was so fun too!), my heart still declares that last summer was indeed, the best churching in my life. I am not trying to say that Taiwan is not good and the saints there were not accommodating. No, it’s absolutely not about that. To be honest, Taiwan is really a nice place to live and the saints there were so accommodating and caring. They are burning in spirit in loving and serving the Lord. However, because of the language barrier (we speak Cebuano and they speak Chinese language, and only few of them can speak and understand English), many times, the fellowship were hindered. But still, the Lord spoke in our midst and we enjoyed the times that we were with them. We have visited almost all the local churches in Taiwan and I am really thankful to the Lord for that. The price that we paid (because you know, our country is not that progressive, and that we are still studying, we really saved for quite a long time to have enough money) was truly worth it. Hence, it was not wasted because we gained Christ. But don’t get me wrong if I did not consider that as the best churching I had. It’s just that, for me, I was really gained by the Lord in the last churching. I can describe my experience in one word: bittersweet. Now, you may wonder why? It’s because the Lord really dealt with in my natural life at that time (although until now, He keeps on dealing my natural man and I’m thankful for that). There were some circumstances that I was really expose, especially in my consideration to other young people saints who were with me in my group.

On the other hand, one of the things that I really love in that churching was that, we were able to visit the full-time training center in Malabon ( FTTM) and attended the college-age conference for one day. We have also witnessed the culmination of the trainees and heard their speaking based on their rich experiences in the training. It all added to my enthusiasm to be trained someday for the Lord’s testimony. I was also happy to be with the saints in Bacoor, Cavite because in that locality, I received the Lord’s fresh speaking concerning His move to Asia. Praise the Lord that our Lord is now moving to Asia! I was refreshed and touched by the testimonies of some brothers who were able to participate. Deep within me, there was the earnest desire that someday, if the Lord wills, I will go to other countries to participate in  the Lord’s move for the Lord’s testimony on earth. May the Lord continue to bless His move and aspire more saints to participate in His move today!

I am looking forward to experience more blending and more churching in the coming days. I can’t help myself to get excited for the next churching this coming summer and this time our destination will be Davao and we will go there via land trip.  I am excited to see the saints and to gain the Lord more.

Thank You Lord for the Body. thank You that blending is the way!

Here are some of the pictures taken during those days.


During arrival at Ninoy Aquino Interantional Airport (NAIA)


Picture taking at the entrance in FTTM.. 😀


At last Lord, FTTM, even though I’m not yet a trainee. hehe


Food is served.. yum! yum!


Time to enjoy the Lord with the saints. (be serious Mercy! hehe)


stopping by to eat lunch at Jolibee with Grace and Veca. 😀


during visitation  at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in UPLB


Still at IRRi, watching the world population watch.. the population all over the world is rapidly increasing.. The Lord needs more preachers to more people.. 😀


during college-age conference at FTTM.


with Loudy Grace, my lovely sister in the Lord.


4 thoughts on “Churching is the Way!!

  1. I just got back from the Thanksgiving Conference in Oklahoma City. It was so WONDERFUL to blend with the saints there. There were saints I knew growing up, saints I have met recently, and saints I just met, but to fellowship with the saints is so precious. Thank You Lord for blending!

    • Amen brother Michael and Nathan (I don’t know which one of you.. hehe). I read your last post on your blog, and I was nourished by it.
      You are right! to fellowship with the saints is so precious for being with them is the most excellent thing.

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