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The Young People Needing the Humanity of Jesus for the Church Life

Taken during young people's blending at Church in Lala, LDN

Taken during young people’s blending at Church in Lala, LDN

From the types in the Scriptures, we can see the need of a proper humanity for the church life – Exo. 25:10-11; 26:15,19.

We have seen that the Ark and the tabernacle signify Christ and the Church – the Ark is Christ and the tabernacle is the enlargement of the Ark, just as the tabernacle is the enlargement of the Ark, so the church is the increase and enlargement of Christ – 25:10-11.

The boards of the tabernacle were also made with the same material and in the same way as the Ark – acacia wood overlaid with gold – 26:15, 29. The boards are to be standing up; gold is valuable, weighty, and shining, but gold is not capable of standing by itself; in order for the boards of the tabernacle to stand up, there is the need of the acacia wood – v.15.

“We need humanity and we also need divinity, but it is the humanity in the church that causes the church to stand up – 1 Timothy 3:15-16. The church is the church of the living God; the church must have God living in it, and this church of the living God is the base and pillar of the reality and truth.”

But Satan‘s main target today is the young people; he injects all his evil, satanic, devilish concepts and ideas into the young and fresh mentality of the young generation. The young brothers and sisters in the church life must be clear that the source of all the damage in the mentality is Satan; the young people must repudiate the concepts that they have held in the past. The first kind of this kind of mental damage is fornication – 1 Cor. 6:9-11. Nothing damages our mentality like fornication; any act we commit is outside our body, but fornication damages our body – v.18.

“We must possess our vessels in sanctification and honor, not in the passion of lust ; this is to be safeguarded against committing fornication – 1 Thes. 4:3-5.”

The second issue is the devilish concepts indoctrinated into the minds of the young people is commit suicide. Satan has damaged the mentality of the young people with the concept of suicide; we all must stand against such subtlety of the enemy. Satan’s whole purpose is to damage humanity so that man cannot be used for God’s purpose.

The third issue of the indoctrination of devilish concepts is mental illness.  In 2 Timothy 1:7, Paul says that God has given us a spirit of sober-mindedness; we must be exceedingly healthy in our thinking, concepts, and ideas, and we need to have a sound mind. Col. 1:1-2 tells us also that the problems in the heart are often the cause of mental problem. If a person’s mind is under attack by the enemy, this is in indication that his heart is wrong in some way.

We must all realize that we are in a situation that requires the Lord’s humanity for His recovery. There must be a group of young people to stand against the current of this age – 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

The proper cure for this age, the proper dose for this generation, is the humanity that comes from the man Jesus. The proper humanity is only healing power for today’s generation. We can barely see that in the church life today, the Lord is going to recover His humanity. We not only need what He can do but we need what He is. Then the proper humanity shining forth through the young brothers and sisters will become a strong testimony and remedy to this present evil age; this humanity will also cause us to have the strongest church life.

In 2 Timothy we are able to see the apostle Paul’s concept concerning five ways to take the humanity of Jesus. The first was to call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart – 2:22. When we on the Lord with a pure heart, we are really taking His humanity into us. Second, we must breathe in every word of the Scriptures – 3:16. This is to pray-read the Word. Third is the Body life. Take note that in 2:22, Paul did not say to call on the Lord by yourself but with “those” – this is a corporate life. We enjoy the Lord’s humanity by being with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Fourth, Paul tells us that we have a spirit to exercise – 1:7. Fifth, we have a wonderful person in our spirit – 2:22.

We must pray for the entire situation of the Lord’s recovery, that all the brothers and sisters in the local churches may have a full enjoyment of the humanity of Jesus. Then we will be the acacia boards, standing steadfastly against the tide of this evil age. This will be our strong testimony, and this will bring the recovery of the local church life to all to all the leading cities. (Christ As The Reality, page 151)

Based from the book: Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life.


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