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Be Normal

To be a normal Christian; to be today’s overcomers; to answer the Lord’s present calling; and to meet the Lord’s present need in His recovery;
it is altogether not sufficient simply to be a so-called good brother or good sister,
attending the church meetings regularly, behaving rightly,
and living a life which is somewhat perfect in the eyes of men.
We need to be one with God in His history, moving, and energizing in His loving overcomers; 
that is, we need to be one with God in life, in living, and in our entire doing today on this earth!

6 thoughts on “Be Normal

  1. Amen. We need to be one with the Lord in every aspect of our daily living. Oh how He longs for His Beloved ones to overcome everything in their being by enjoying Him and loving Him, opening to Him every moment and allowing Him to rule and reign in our entire being. This brings in the most marvelous intimacy between God and man. He is our best friend and our most precious companion!

  2. A normal Christian doesn’t mean a good Christian, rather, a normal Christian is a Christian who is day by day living in the divine dispensing of our God. It is not a matter of our outward behavior, but a matter of how much Christ has been wrought into us.

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