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P.A.P.S Time With Him

Lord, recover our Personal, Affectionate, Private, and Spiritual time with You!

Lord, recover our Personal, Affectionate, Private, and Spiritual time with You!

People who are in love says that if you love someone, you always love to spend time with him or her. They then added that distance and time is not an issue as long as you can see and talk with your beloved. A brother once said that when he was so much in love with her wife before they got married, 5 or 10 minutes talk with her was not enough. The moment that he can hear the voice of his beloved, he cannot help but be with her and talk to her even if it takes how many hours, even for the entire day.

This is what the Lord wants from us; He wants us to spend more time with Him.  As we love Him, we need to have an appointed time to talk to Him in a PERSONAL, AFFECTIONATE, PRIVATE and SPIRITUAL way. Every early morning, before we are going to pursue our Morning Revival material, we need to have a PAPS time with the Lord first. As we spontaneously talk with Him and have fellowship with Him, 15 minutes is no longer enough for us. Moreover, the moment we come to the Lord’s presence, we cannot help but be with Him and have fellowship with him an a very intimate and personal way even if it takes the whole day. Then, as we pursue Him more in the Morning Revival material, we will be supplied and satisfied. This is the real revival. If we sense that although we have read the material, but still feels dry and dissatisfied, then, that is an indication that we have not really revived.

A brother once said that there are two ways on how to minister: ministering to the Lord and ministering to His house. So often, we only see the latter one and tend to forget the ministering to the Lord. Ministering to the Lord is to have time with Him first; to be one with His presence; to have a talk with Him; and to consider Him as the preeminent One. we need to see that before we can minster His house, that is the church, we need to minister to Him first; to have PAPS time with Him before anything and anyone.

As co-workers of our Lord, we want others to be touched by the Lord through us, but how can the Lord touch them if we have not been touched first by the Lord? Bro. Nee once said that we cannot touch others unless we have been touched first. May we see the need to be touched by the Lord first by simply touching Him and by having PAPS time with Him.

Psalms 66:18 says, “If I regarded inequity in my heart, the Lord did not hear”. This means that if we still have unconfessed sins in our hearts before Him, then our PAPS time with Him is not that effective and intimate. This is also a related in the matter of exercising our spirit. To exercise our spirit is to use the functions of our spirit. The bible reveals that our spirit has three functions: fellowship, intuition and conscience. Fellowship is to contact God; to have communion with Him; to have a talk with Him; and to be one with Him. Intuition is to have a direct speaking from God and a direct knowledge from Him beyond any human reason. Conscience then is to recognize good from evil; and to justify things according to righteousness. To use these functions is to exercise our spirit. In our PAPS time with Him, our spirit needs to be exercised. Otherwise we cannot have a real PAPS time with Him. Hence, there is a need to for us to confess our sins no matter how small it is, and to repent to the Lord by turning our hearts to Him.

May the Lord continue to recover our PAPS time with Him that it may become a habit for us every early morning!



4 thoughts on “P.A.P.S Time With Him

  1. Amen Lord! You are the BEST one to have this wonderful personal, affectionate, private, spiritual , time with. You are so waiting for us to spend this time with you! You are so intimate with us as we come to you this way and we are well pleased to experience you as our most wonderful friend and companion. You are so dear and precious to us sweet Lord. Thank you our dear Lord Jesus.

  2. Amen! O dear Lord, Master and Lover-recover our PAPS time with you for sake of Your Kingdom, Your building and Your Bride!

  3. Right, for the sake of Your kingdom, for Your building and for Your bride, recover our time with You in the morning Lord. Cause us to see the need of ministering You first before we can minister Your house. We love You Lord!

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