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Concerning Grace


Question: Does grace mean giving less because man does not deserve it?

Answer: Grace is NOT a matter of giving less because man does NOT deserve it. God has NOT overlooked the problem of man’s sin. In dealing sin, God is very strict, definite, and thorough. Through His Son, He has thoroughly deal with this problem. Therefore, how can any questions related to man’s worthiness or the degree of his worthiness remains? God’s grace is NOT concerned with man’s unworthiness. Since ALL men can obtain God’s grace.

God does NOT withhold His grace because of man’s unworthiness; instead, He bestows grace because of his unworthiness. God does NOT DIFFERENTIATE among the unworthy according to who is more unworthy and is less unworthy. God does NOT enable the less unworthy to receive more grace and the more unworthy to receive less grace.

God cannot bestow less grace to those who have greater sins and more grace to those who have less sins. Grace is never used by God to patch up sinner’s flaws. The condition of the sinner, his works, and his merits (both great and small) are completely put aside.

Since grace is grace, it is NOT related to the recipient’s condition at all. The recipient does NOT need to have any qualification to receive grace, since grace is given to those who do NOT deserve it and is NOT related to the recipient’s condition. Therefore, grace is NOT giving less to those who are less deserving. Otherwise, man’s condition once again becomes the prerequisite of receiving grace. The bestowing of grace in neither according to a person’s condition nor the result of comparing one person to another. God’s grace is vast, expansive, and intended for all kinds of sinners. Those who think they are all right need God’s grace as much as those who regard themselves as great sinners.

Some may think that a better person deserves more grace. But from God’s viewpoint, everyone is the same. Suppose several plates fall to the ground. Some may break in half, some into five pieces and others into fragments. Although they may break in different ways, they are all broken. Whether you are a “better” sinner or a “worse” sinner, you are still a sinner. The Bible says that all men are sinners. God sent the Lord Jesus to die for sinners, thereby affording every sinner an opportunity to be saved. If only one sinner in the world needed to be saved, God would have still sent His Son to die for him. In the parable of shepherd seeking the lost sheep, the shepherd left the ninety-nine sheep to seek the one lost sheep (Luke 15:3-4). Whether you are a great sinner or small sinner, as long as you are a lost sheep, you need the Lord Jesus to die for you.

Questions On The Gospel (Watchman Nee)



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