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Being Ruled by The King

God’s kindgom is a realm where He is the King, the One who is ruling and reigning.

Lord, such a light I received this evening. Thank You for impressing me what Your kingdom is. I have heard this word kingdom since young but I did not know what Your kingdom is in experience. Lord, Your kingdom is Your ruling, Your reigning and Your governing in my being. So many times, I am rebellious and disobedient to Your ruling. Lord, I repent. I change my and and turn my mind to You. Subdue me that You can rule in me!

However, my experience can testify that without the enjoyment of Him, I cannot be under His ruling. I cannot pretend as if I am already being ruled by Him. What I need is the enjoyment of Him as grace. Then, spontaneously, my living is according to His ruling.


2 thoughts on “Being Ruled by The King

  1. Thank you for this wonderful word. I was able to share it with my Granddaughter who is 35 years old and calls me frequently for prayer and fellowship. I Praise our wonderful King for bringing us into His marvelous Kingdom. That He and we can be mingled together and His increase can gain for Himself a Kingdom People who are willing to be ruled and reigned by Him. Oh what a glory, oh what grace!

    Rheta in Sacramento, Ca.

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