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Before I Met My Husband

IMG_0892Before I met him, I was like you-anxious, struggling and impatient. Moreover, I was like you who is full of concepts about marriage. However, the Lord dealt with my heart. He changed my heart.

It took me time. It took me lots of tears. I was blinded by myself so the Lord had to do something. I thanked Him for that and I still do up to this day. It was worth it. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary. And it was out of love for Him and from Him. Otherwise, I would have chosen my own way. I would have followed my own concepts. His love is powerful. Let it subdue you. Let it cause you to surrender to Him. Let it make you helpless.

Don’t worry, it takes time. Give patience to yourself. Wait on Him. Believe in Him. Enjoy Him. Love Him. And let Him take care of you.

Believe me, He is responsible. He cares for you. Everything about you. About your situation. About your need. Even about the right one for you.

He already prepared him. Yet you have to learn. Learn to wait. Let to stop.

And now, I have no regrets. I’m everyday thankful. His way is the best. His timing is perfect. His choice is wonderful.

I feel His love. Through him whom He has given. I’m not deserving. Yet I’ve been chosen. Long before. Long before everything.

My advise to you is just to love Him. Serve Him while you can. Pray to Him. Tell Him your secrets and thoughts. Yet let Him speak in return. Not easy to learn this. But you have to. Ask for His mercy. Ask for His grace. Ask for His supply.

If you faithfully allow Him, you will have no regrets. It may take time. But it’s for sure. Sooner. Later. No one knows. It depends how soon you allow Him.


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