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My Testimony

flee with the saints

flee with the saints

My name is Mercy Grace and I was raised in a Christian family. My parents are loving the Lord so much to the extent that it caused me and my siblings to love Him also. I have four siblings, namely Journey, Praise Joy, Preach Boy, and El Real. There is a story behind our names. (There was a sinner who once had a JOURNEY on this earth. While taking his journey, the Lord saw him and had MERCY on him, and so the Lord granted him the GRACE which is God Himself. The man then PRAISE the Lord with so much JOY in his heart. Then, he can’t help himself but tell it to others; he became a PREACH BOY, yet what he is preaching is just the El Real, emphasizing that in his life, God is very REAL. That sinner could be us.)

I got to know that Lord and appreciate Him even in my early age. I used to joined children’s meeting when I was a child. Then, attended junior young people’s meeting when I was in high school. Then now, currently attending senior young people’s meeting and the rest of the meetings in my college years. I was given chance by the Lord to join a 6-month perfecting training after I graduated from high school. It was really my desire to be perfected and to be trained. After the training, I then served for another 6 months.

Friends of mine often said that I was just wasting my one year, but they don’t know how much God I gained in that one year. That was one of the most meaningful years in my life. But my desire for training did not stop in that 6-month training (although every year, I am attending the 2-week training). I want to be trained more in FTTM  for another two years after my graduation in college. I consecrated myself to the Lord about my desire and I know very well that He will honor my consecration. I have a firm faith within me that He is preserving me in the Body to become useful for His move on earth someday.

preaching the gospel to the nations

preaching the gospel to the nations

Now, let me talk about my church life here in Iligan City. Actually, I am not from Iligan City; I am from Jimenez, Misamis Occidental. I just came here to study, but I specifically prayed to the Lord to study here because of the impression that it gave me in the campus work. I am enjoying my time here, so much! Being with some student saints is indeed the most enjoyable thing on earth. I can flee youthful lust and pursue more of Christ by being with them. The church life is indeed glorious in every local church. I also enjoyed more of the Lord’s riches here. The Lord is so rich, hence, we need to enjoy His riches in the word. The Gospel Book room of the Philippines (GBPI) is here, it’s the heavenly kitchen for the churches in the Philippines, and I’m so privileged I am here. I can be updated in the Lord’s up-to-date speaking and can closely follow the ministry of the age.

Truly, the Lord is giving all that He is and doing all that He can just to build up the Church. It is what He longs for since the world began. He gave everything and sold everything that he had just for His church. May we all give all of our being and give all that we have for the building of the Church!

The very thing that caused me to consecrate myself was when I realized that I am not my own, that I already belong to Someone because that Someone already bought me with the highest price, His precious blood. I was moved to tears when I got to know Him in that way. How foolish I was to live and decide my own  life, not realizing that Someone already own me. After then, I consecrated myself to Him telling, “Lord, You owns my life, now take it and use it for the fulfillment of Your purpose.”

May we all see that we no longer belong to ourselves. May we all see the supreme preciousness of our Lord that we would be willing to drop our all our life and future, for the fulfillment of His economy! May we love Him with our best above anyone and above anything!



The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all!



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